More spaces for hook containers?

Hi Torben,

Is there any chance of adding a few more rows into the options of where you set the FX or liners to be for creating hook containers.

currently you have Hook Opener, Sweeper and closer.

What would be ideal would be the option to select various different FX/liners in the Sweeper section.

Maybe 3 options in total, because as a rule, stations using these tend to use to preview, although it is possible to use them in a similar way to a hitmix montage.

therefore you could have:

Liner “this is…”
Song 2
Liner “playing your favourite…”
Song 3
Liner “All day, everyday…”
Song 4

Obviously, if only one FX in sweeper section was set then that would be duplicated or users could just add the FX in twice more if necessary, although im sure many would agree a slightly different sounding FX between each sample sounds better, otherwise it becomes a little tedious!!

Hope this makes sense, would it be easy enough to implement?

Many Thanks

Just wondered if anybody has any thoughts on this?

Would anybody else find this useful?


It sounds like a good idea. I will also introduce the ability to specify different sets of jingles (one “coming up this morning”, one “coming up this afternoon” one etc.).

I won’t be able to do this before v3.0 though.

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Similar topic i was thinking, is that to have a “fade in” set option. At the moment, there is “start”, “fade”, “end”, but i think an “intro” is needed, because the cuts between the start sweeper and also the sweepers inbetween each hook are very ‘hard’ and sudden, causing an un-natural feel. Is this possible at all to implement to have smoother starts via an ‘intro’ setting?

Thanks, Ryan.

May I humbly refer the gentleman to my own IVP V3.0 which you can download here:,2644.0.html

The ZIPfile contains the script and the PDF manual which explains what the heck it does, and how it does it.

I think you’ll find it will solve your sweeper problem, but remember you’ll need to play that part of your Playlist in AUTO mode. :wink: If anything isn’t clear, please let me know.

When envelopes are available in mAirList 3.0, I’ll be able to ‘auto-duck’ the music under things like sweepers and voicetracks as well. 8) Meantime, if you can use a Player marked as ‘special’ under a separate desk fader, and mark your sweepers/voicetracks to play in it (the manual tells you how), you can at least manually mix the sweeper/VT to a sensible level; and/or fade the music under it.

PS: I’m surprised and gratified to find that IVP 3.0 has been downloaded 35 times! And no comments/complaints so far, so either no-one understands it or it’s actually in use somewhere. :smiley:


Ah great Cad! It seems very useful and will have to implement it in the future at some point when automation rules our lives of radio! (Even though it already does!)

Surely that must have took you a long time to code!? :o

Very nice though, but i think maybe a giant leap to make it further user friendly, would to have a visual interface which doesn’t have to be complex…something as simple as the PFL window of mAirList, able to set the parameters there and then etc, and see/hear your change. But of course i realise it is meant to work as a feature that does it all in one, sort of thing, so that it will always be exactly timed to intros etc, which is for full automation purposes…where as i am probably more thinking along the lines of an in-flight link/segue editor.

Thanks, Ryan.

Ryan, thanks for the compliments.

It didn’t actually take that long to code IVP; adding it together, it would equate to a few evenings, tops. Plus, the basics came from Christoph in the German forums. Admittedly I’ve almost totally re-written the code since I first saw it. Oh, and I’ve been a PC and originally mainframe programmer for 25+ years. :smiley:

There is currently no way in mAirList scripting to display even a MessageBox, let alone a fancy all-singing, all-dancing dialog box. This is why scripts tend to make heavy use of SystemLog, since it’s currently the only means by which a script can give feedback (‘I worked!’ / ‘I failed!’ / ‘I amended 217 of 318 Playlist Items!’) to the user.

The kind of visual segue editor you describe would need to be a feature within mAirList itself. Even if it were possible, it’s not really practical to attempt that kind of complex coding using only mAirList scripting.


I understand entirely…with it being GUI Pascal scripting, it’s not the most versatile as you say…i’m sure doctor Torben will thing of something haha!

Thanks, Ryan.

Herr Doktor has already been seen muttering in here about ‘… not really being a GUI [graphics] programmer …’ or words to that effect. :slight_smile:

I personally think a graphically fairly simple segue editor similar to the one in SAM Broadcaster for example, would be all that is required. Waveform displays like wot you often see in yon ‘live club “DJ-ing”’ software (to do visual beatmatching and such) would IMHO be overkill. A couple of ‘blocks’ (one per track); the ability to add/move/delete points on each ‘block’ to adjust its level by changing its shape; plus the ability to physically drag one block towards/away from the other (or have buttons to do that, Torben ;)), would together be enough to do the job admirably.

Let’s face it: if you care enough to be using a segue editor in the first place, you’ll be judging and adjusting the result using your ears and not your eyes, won’t you?

(The defence rests! ;))

PS: I could post some mock-ups of a putative segue editor, maybe tomorrow? if anyone cares to discuss how it would work. If so, I’ll start a New Topic: gotta go out tonight.


SAM broadcaster has a segue editor ??? since when?

And yes i couldn’t agree more with what you are saying…i now REALLY look forward to seeing this segue editor of yours! As simple as something as you said would do the trick and the ability to preview it there and then as you make changes (like Dalet). And yes, waveform= overkill. All that is needed is blocks and then as you make a fade evelope, the end of the block comes to a right angled triangle sort of thing…much like the diagrams in your manual of IVP. Everything you said is what i would like to have, something simple, yet effect…maybe even an attack+release time aswell or is that overdoing it? The only thing with Dalet, is that it uses waveforms…sometimes handy, sometimes not so much.

Thanks, Ryan. I’ll be on the lookout for the topic!

Hi , segues handled something like this:,2594.msg16045/topicseen.html#msg16045

Agreed it needs adding to the wish list. let’s wait for Cad to start the thread and see everyone’s ideas.

Kind Regards Tony

Definately what i imagine…

I would like to see something like this implemented into mAirList and there seems to be interest and demand for it, including Torben!

I hope to see it in the future!

Thanks, Ryan. I await in anticipation for Cad’s topic now…

I thought i’d add my two cents once again.

Here is a diagram to give Torben some ideas for the in-flight editor- Here

Taken from the VERY old Dalet’s in-flight editor.

Thanks, Ryan.

Since V2. It is however a global segue editor (cf. mAirList global fade duration, just somewhat more ‘fancy’); it sets up the crossfade for all tracks played.

Here’s the Spacial Audio screenshot of it in SAM4:

The difference with the proposed mAirList version is that you could set this up both as a global default and for individual segues (which would override the global setting, just like fade duration).

The Dalet editor is another take on the same idea, IMHO. So is the gain envelope ‘line’ in an Acid Pro track.

Please note that any segue editor would be a built-in mAirList feature in a future mAirList version, and NOT repeat NOT coded by me as an add-on script! Anyway, I’m just off to kick this off as a new topic: see you there!



This is exactly were i am looking for @ The current version of mairlist.

But in the configuration screen i can only choose 1 sweeper between the hooks

Can you please help Torben?


William Reitsma

Never had the time to implement it. Complex GUI stuff :wink:

If it helps, you can use a script to change the config at runtime:

  Instance.GetConfig.SetString(ccMain, 'Repository', 'HookOpener', 'C:\somefile.mp3');
  Instance.GetConfig.SetString(ccMain, 'Repository', 'HookSweeper', 'C:\somefile.mp3');
  Instance.GetConfig.SetString(ccMain, 'Repository', 'HookCloser', 'C:\somefile.mp3');

Will become active when the container is recreated/loaded the next time.

Torben, thank you so much. As i am new to scripting, can you please explain a little how to manage this/ install script and how this works .

Thanks in advance Torben :star_struck::star_struck::ok_hand:t4::ok_hand:t4::blue_heart:

Hello @Tondose, would you like to help William with first steps?

For getting into scripting here is an overview of the basics. But, alas, never having tinkered with hooks, containers and the like, I have absolutely no idea what this is all about, nor what to do with this. :slightly_frowning_face:

I will try to explain. When an Hookcontainer is automatically created by generating playlists, the sweepers between the Hooks are always the same, because we only can choose 1 audio file.
I also have that problem with the Hook opener en closer. We can only choose 1 audio file. So the Hook containers sounds the same the whole day. Though, a Hook opener have to be different in the morning and the evening. It also brings more dynamic to the station. So, now I hear there is a script that would let us adding more variety to the " sounds " of the opener, sweeper and closer of the hook containers… That would be really :relieved: great. And it will also give mailrist more power for use.

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