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For a few months i’m trying to figure out how the mini-scheduler is working, but i still don’t understand how it works. Last weeks i tried to play with the numbers again because i heard the same songs every day. Now the songs are more separated but sometimes it schedules an artist 2 or 3 times in an hour.

This are my current settings:

The only thing i can find about the mini-scheduler is on mairlist wiki:

Is there any information i am missing? Anywhere i can find out exactly what every number is doing and how to avoid a artist being played 3 times an hour?

I’m currently using mAirList 7, but i also had this problem with version 6.

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Hi Coen,

It is not only the settings in here.

It also depends a lot on how many items the scheduler can find for a specific search. The scheduler will never skip an item but always take the item wich has the lowest number of penalties. When there only 20 items can be found in the folder, the scheduler will always pick a song.even if the ‘scheiding’ settings aren’t reached yet.

Also remember that artist seperation can be something tricky. When having several artists in one item, make sure that the artist seperation is confirm the right settings.
For instance: ‘feat.’ ‘and’ ‘&’ are working well
‘Ft.’ ‘en’ are not supported.

When having ‘Armin van Buren and Davina Michelle’ as artist both artists are used both artist seperation.
When having ‘Armin van Buren en Davina Michlle’ the scheduler sees them as 1 artist
With the second example, it is possible that Armin van Buren can played more often

When scheduling a playlist save the log and open it afterwards
Here u can see how much items are find for each search. Also you can see how many penalties all found items have and why the scheduler is picking the specific item.


I understand but my folders keeps around 400 items each.
This is a screenshot of an hour where mAirList scheduled ‘Creedence Clearwater Revival’ 3 times in one houre.

This has nothing to do with names that are the same or folders with almost no music.

Also an important question: can i see the penalty score of a song? And does it reset if i try different settings in the mini planner? and when scheduling a new playlist, does it also check the songs of the week before? Or does it reset te score?

you can see the penalty score of a song in the log after scheduling. They are calculated at the moment the scheduler picks an item. In the log you can see the item, artist and title penalty for each possible item. the item with the lowest total penalties will be picked.

How is your musictemplate build for scheduling? the songs can be picked from a folder without restrictions?or do you also use attributes (like tempo, genre, language) to select an item?

First of all, do you plan by event? Then you can set the option to write tne SchedulerLog. If it exists, I can check it for you.

Yes, in the Log. Please note that it is not stored. It is calculated in the moment of searching for a song that matches best.

Since it is not stored, it can’t be resetted.

Yes, but only depending on planned songs, not on really played ones.

Planned songs will be sorted to the end of the list so that a song not planned for the longest time will be on the top.

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I plan by event but i didn’t know how and why to use the SchedulerLog. So it was never turned on.

Am i right that when i set that option, it will automatically check the log file when creating a new playlist?

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My installation is not in English, but I hope the order is the same :slight_smile:

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I tried with that setting but it still plans The Beatles and The Doors 2 times in 1 houre.

Where is the SchedulerLog saved ?

Also the format is very simple, i have 3 folders and it can pick a random song from that folder:

the log is saved in the programdata folder of marlist. (its called MiniSchedulerLog xxxxxx)
It is a long list, but when you search for ‘Picked: ID’ in this file. it jumps to every chosen item. when you scroll up a little you’ll see why the item is picked due the penalties.

As advice to find the issue Ii suggest to do manual scheduling for testing. there you can write the log and let it open after scheduling. Once the scheduling is going well you can schedule by event.

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Not checked. A protocol is written how the playlist was created.

It’s not a setting. This is simply an option to write the protocol in order to optimize the settings.

Precisely, thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:

You can change the folder where it should be stored:

(in v7 it’s the same)

Please upload a MiniSchedulerLog to and write us, where I have to look for and I try to figure out what has happened and will explain it to you.


I just uploaded the file, the last hours i heard Bob Dylan and Creedence Clearwater Revival a few times in the same hour and the same Bob Dylan song for 4 hours every hour in a row.

Let me be more specific with my question: how can i make my playlist having the most variations as possible without hearing the same artist 3 times in one hour or every hour once?: What are the numbers i need to think about?

Also: is it possible if i schedule a new playlist that the software will see the overall track penalty of the items that were scheduled before i schedule the new playlist?

This is what i also found really strange:

One song is planned a few hours in a row… how is this even possible form a folder with over 400 songs?

I tried changing some settings in the mini-scheduler bet it keeps planning Bob Dylan - All Along the Watchtower every 1 or 2 houres… I just don’t get why?

Dear @Coen,

I kindly ask you to be patient.
You have sent the Log less than 1 hour ago. It’s public holiday in Germany (“Ostermontag”) and it’s late in the evening.

Would you please respect that I help you in my free time, but some things are not so simple and I think I will do it when I’m officially back in the office.

Thank you very much for your understanding.

Ofcourse, take all the time! Thank you for the support!

It was the playlist for today, 16:00. Do you have the following Logs, too?

It seems that the spreidings are too high, so you get a lot of high penalty points. In the list of songs, mAirList looks for the lowest overall penalty, and there is in your Log always a title with an overall penalty of 0, which will be picked as a result of this.

This is my first impression after a first sight.

Would you allow me to publish some parts of the Log in this forum in order to explain what happens in the Mini Scheduler?

I tried a lot of things and i think i’ve overwritten that file… I tried different settings and here are my results:

When i try the settings above, i still get ‘All Along The Watchtower’ 4 times a day… not perfect but not as bad as it was.

Thats why i would like to know a little bit better what the numbers are doing, what do i need to increase or decrease to get a better result?

Ofcourse you can share anything you want! I can also upload the log of the screenshot above if you want?

Friendly regards,

Yes, please. So I can compare both.

Good night! :zzz:

Done! Thank you and goodnight!

This is written by torben a while ago:

This is a short explanation about how the penalties work.
Hope Uli can help u with the logs u sended.

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