More editing functions for VT

Hello Torben,

I know mAirlist is not an editing sofware, but do you think it would be possible to add some more functions to the VT mix editor ?
Something very basic like: Cut, Silence…

It would be easier to have it in the mix editor rather than exporting the audio file into an editing software and the re-importing in mAirList.


I haven’t tried the VT myself yet :-[, but maybe the best answer would be to have a button which, when pressed, would save the audio in a known place and location and then open that file in an audio editor of your choice (would need a config option to store path and name of exe file, opened using DDE perhaps?).

You could then make any edits needed and then save the file with the same file name.

The VT editor would also need a ‘Refresh’ button which when pressed would reload the audio file. This button would normally be disabled, being enabled only after the ‘Edit VT File’ button has been clicked (and therefore, after the VT audio file has been saved to disk).

Apologies if any/all of this already exists in the VT editor! As I said, I haven’t tried it yet.


I think we have asked for this sometime ago, but in video editing we know this as “round-tripping”. So I too, would love the ability to send a VT to say, Adobe Audtion. Make some edits and then save, it would then update inside the Mix Editor or VT window etc. There are times when I manually edit a VT WAV file just because I goofed and didn’t want to re-do the whole link! :slight_smile:

So +1 on the request.

Just to add. I am not sure if you know this or not. I just discovered this myself.

If you are looking to cut silence from the top and tail (top/tail all VTs) try this.

With the VT recorder open. Click on the VT, at the bottom you will see all those rectangles pop up. If you drag the cue in to where you want the VT to start it will start there. Moreover if you drag the Cue Out to the place you want the VT to end, it will silence so to say, the rest of the file.

Probably already knew this but just wanted to add that.