Monitoring the stream

Hello everyone,

Today our webstream was down. A tool (Butt) was shutdown and no audio was send to the stream provider. mAirlist was running. How can i monitor if there is audio send to the stream server or not? It would be nice to have a notification that alerts us. A tool with triggers (like zabbix) on the audio would be great, like Shazzam :wink:
If no audio, then send sms or mail.

Kind regards,
Marc |

Integrated Silence Detection

You can configure a silence theshold for each slot. Audio Logger can send an e-mail when the audio drops below this level for a given duration (and when the signal is restored again), and make HTTP calls to external surveillence systems to report those conditions.

You can test the Audio Logger with a 30 day trial license as you know it from mAirList. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks Uli, wir werden das mahl testen.