MLPE issue

I am always amazed at the flexibility of mAirList so when I needed to save an hour’s contents (playlist and audio files) into a separate directory so I could play on another PC I thought that there would already be a way of doing it and was not disappointed when I found saving a playlist as .mlpe!

Unfortunately there is a small bug in this process relating to filenames with ‘special’ characters such as & and (there may be others).

When an audio file with a & or in the audio filename is saved these characters are changed to an underscore. E.g.

[tt]News & Weather.mp3 gets changed to News _ Weather.mp3
That’s OK.mp3 gets changed to That_s OK.mp3

This is not a problem however the XML entry for the corresponding filename in the .mlpe file is not altered to match so in the above examples the contents of the .mlpe file would be:

[tt]News & Weather.mp3
That’s OK.mp3
The way I get around this at the moment is to open each .mlpe file in notepad and replace & with _ and then replace ‘ with _

Torben – can you advise if there is a setting within mAirList which will correct this issue? I am still in the dark ages and using v5.3



mAirList is not actively renaming files. It just uses the regular CopyFile function from the Windows API.

I’m not aware of anything in that function that would change the destination filename. The documentation doesn’t mention anything either. Maybe it’s a matter of the target file system? Are you exporting to a (FAT?) USB drive? Does it also happen when saving to the local (NTFS?) hard drive?

Hi Torben.

Thank you for the helpful pointer.

The .mlpe file (and audio files) were being saved directly to a NAS drive which is where the manipulation of the audio filenames was taking place.

If I save to a directory in the local (NTFS) drive then all is well and I just need to zip that directory and transport it as a zip file.

Once again thanks for your assistance.