Mix editor skip next/ back function

I Am not sure if it is a request or a bug, but I think this would be a great option
When using the mix editor, you have the skip next and skip back button. The audio itself and marker jumps forward/ backwards, but unfortunattely, the screen stays at the current position in the mixeditor waveform screen.
Could it be possible to have the waveform also jump to the point you are listening?

Enfaite il faut que tu déplace le curseur de la barre horizontal et tu verras les prochain morceau, ou tu peux changer le niveau de zoom

I know you are able to zoom. But when zoomed in, it would be great if skipping to the next point, the waveform would follow. It would make the mixeditor faster and more easy to use.

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Also a feature to slide in a ‘fade in’ like u can slide in a ‘fade out’ would be a great option in the mixeditor.

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