Mix editor follow and always vissible


I recreated my environment and want also the mix editor always vissible in the layout and also automatic follow the playlist in live assist mode.
This so i can quickly and easy create the mixes between the tracks.
I thought i had created that, also checked that it should follow the playlist.
But it doesn’t, and when i made changes in the mix editor and choose apply, the windows dissaperas. I have to select the mix editor again in the upper bar and it comes back but not on the same place.

What am i doing wrong here.


Is the Mix Editor a fixed Screen Object via Configuration / GUI?


Don’t know exactly what you mean. I opend the configuration and went to GUI settings of the screen objects. There i have added the Mix editor. In the general configuration tab i checked both "Follow playlist selection
and Automatically zoom to first mix point. I don’t see any option to make it a fixed screen object.


Any news on this question?

Still no reply on this “simple” question. It 's realy making me frustrated that it will not work as expected.
I see screenshots from users without an accept button, and i don’t get rit of it.
I have realy searched everything tried everything but the mix editor won’t follow my live assist playlist, and after pressing OK “The green V” the mix editor screen disapears.
Please support can anyone help me with this?

Sorry Friso,

please let me / us come back to this on Monday.
Maybe we haven’t looked on it while finishing Version 6.3.


I have an adittion to this. When i in the layout designer restet with automatic design and after that recreate my environment it works OK. But when i in the configuration programm add someting in the GUI section Mixeditor. The behaviour is back and when starting mairlist the mixeditor is gone.
Before this change, after starting mairlist, the mixeditor is directly vissible and also without the green apply button.

Hopefully you have something so troubleshooting is easier.
P.S. also tested it in 6.3 Same behaviour

I tried to reproduce it but could not find any error.
Please let Torben check the code. Unfortunately he is out of the office today and I don’t know when he has time to check it.
He will read the forum later this day.