missing DLLs with mAirList 4.2 + PostgreSQL 8.4


we are trying to run mAirList 4.2 with PostgreSQL 8.4 on the same Windows XP machine.
When using the configurator to set up and connect to the database it complains about missing DLLs libpq.dll and libpq81.dll.
I could work around this issue by putting the PostgreSQL bin directory into the System PATH.

The problem appeared on two different machines no matter if I install mAirList or PostgreSQL first.
As long as PostgreSQL server is NOT installed on the local machine it works.
Using mAirList 4.1 everything is fine with and without PostgreSQL.

I found that libpq and related DLLs are in the installation folder of 4.1 but not 4.2.
Are you able to reproduce this issue?


PS.: I tried to file a bug report but cannot login to the bug tracker using my forum credentials

Set the protocol to “postgresql-7”. mAirList will use the older libpq74.dll then which is supplied with the installation package. It will work equally well even with newer servers up to the current version 9.x.