Missing Artist in Data Base version 4.2 1610

Hi torben

I was busy tonight with the database. What i am missing in the latest version 1610 is the artist in the libary.

Can you check it at your end?


Are you talking about the latest v4.2 build? If so, the artist is listed on my local database. Have you verified that the artist pane is checked and enabled to be visible?

Cheers, Alec M

i am talking about the 4.2 indeed, checked this morning still missing, it could be a settings issue. Can Torben confirm this if I am right?


I am not aware of any issue here.

Where can i find the settings for this to check if this an local issue? 4.2 is verry stable over hereā€¦

Loaded default again . Seems to be a problem in my skin.ini file