Mini scheduler question

Question is it possible to set the mini scheduler in such a way that it only says that 10 min before the end of the hour takes 2 records that are 5 min so that the hour can be filled more nicely If so where can we set that.

I would like to change your question into to a feature request.

Background: Actually you can search for titles with a special length (plus tolerance, if needed).
Example: If you type in the search field of the database or the browser 3:00+30, mAirList will list you all elements with an effective (!) duration between 3:00 an 3:30.

Okay, that’s manually.

Automatically, it’s tricky. Now the Mini Scheduler has to find a combination of two elements from the corresponding folder(s), following the rules and filling the gap precisely.

I think we should ask Torben if this is possible in general and the best way is to put it on the (very long!) feature request list.
How do you think about it?

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Great if you could do that thanks

This has been asked before, and the answer is: no, it is not easily possible to add this to the current algorithm.