mini-scheduler logic

Is it possible to add a small amount of logic to the mini-scheduler?

My thoughts are that generic links are stored and scheduled but if an audio file with a specific filename format (such as YYYYMMDDHHxx.mp3) is present then it will be substituted for the generic one.

As an example – if I recorded a specific link for the first link of the 9am hour tomorrow (Mon 20th Sept) then I would save it as 201009200901.mp3 and it would be scheduled instead of the in the template.

Is this possible – or can it be done in any other way?


The Mini Scheduler can only schedule items that exist in the mAirListDB library. There is no concept of “item substitution” currently.

One thing that would work today:

  • Add a Dummy item to the library with a specific title - this will be the placeholder.

  • Schedule that Dummy item into your playlists as needed. This will probably involve moving it into a folder of its own, and add that folder as a fixed item to each hour template.

  • In the event that loads the hourly playlists into the playout system, add a script that does the following: Look if there is a file for the current day and hour; if there is one, scan the loaded playlist for the special Dummy item; replace the dummy with the file.

I can help you with the latter. Let me know if this would work for you.

Thanks Torben

Your suggestion seems like a good plan - I will try it when I get some spare time.

I might take you up on your offer of help on the script side as I don’t have much experience on that side …