Midi remote

I bought a LPD8 midi for remote control on mairlist. What i want is to start player A en B with the pads and the 4 cartwall with 4 other pads…the volume i want to do with the 8 knobs. This must be possible but HOW ON EARTH do I programm this peace of sh…???
I checked Midi in remote control and I can put the commands there which I want but what do I have to put in Channel, Data1 en Data2???
I really don’t know how I got this working… :’(

I tried this but it won’t work… (Choose all players because it was a test)



Nobody knows the answer???

Most controllers use the Data2 value to transmit the position of the volume slider (0…127). So you set up a MIDI command with Status and Data1 to the appropriate values, and Data2 condition to “any” (*).

Then you type the following command (manually):


$DATA2 will be filled with the received value. “/127” instructs mAirList to consider 127 as 0dB. (You can also use a lower value if you want to have overhead like most real consoles have.)

I had the LPD8 aswell and it works, but u have to use >= instead of =
Here is a screenshot of the settings how i had them working.

Here some explenation:

St/Ch Key press or key release. (Key press is 90 and key release =80)
D1 The “note” wich is used by the button

= means equal or bigger then
D2 The value of the note (When used 00 it works already!)
Command The command you can assign

To make programming even more easy, use the “enable monitor” function.
then press the button you want to assign and add/ edit this in commands tab

Hope it helps u further with your lpd8

akai lpd8.jpg

Thanks Ruvo I have to try this soon!!! Can you also use the 8 volume knobs??

Ruvo80 the pads are working now!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: