midi command


I am using a midi controller to use Mairlist. Everything is working fine, but still i am missing something…
When i select a song in the browser, what command should i use to put this song into the playlist?

I have tried (i think) everything, read evrything but i can’t find the solution. Can anybody help?

Best regards, Rob

I think it’s “BROWSER INSERT”.

Hello Torben,

Thank you for your reply.
Unfortunately i don’t have that option. in the midi browser commands i can choose between:

  • cursor down, left, right, up
  • select, deselect
  • focus
  • hide
  • next, previous
  • select
  • show
  • show/hide
  • toggle select

None of the above options do the trick. Maybe i miss something?
I am using version 5.0.2 build 2565

Best regards, Rob

Can it be that this option is not selectable at the moment?
Again i have tried every option but no result.

If it’s not selectable, can it be implementated in the next version?
I really like to know, then i know i can stop surching.

Best regards, Rob

I’m very sure that the command existed in the past, but it might have got lost over time for some reason. I will re-implement it.

Thanx a lot!!!

Best regards, Rob