MFPlatt not found

Hi Torben

As i told you before my hosting provider wanted to swap the harddisk of my dedicated server . because it did had some problems. Now i want to reinstall it because i did now recieved finaly a sound card wanted to install mairlist again recieving error on windows 2008 server web edition mfplatt dll not found

What does it mean


No idea. It’s not a DLL that mAirList uses directly at least.

It seems to be part of the M$ Media Foundation Platform, specifically part of the Media Feature Pack,which can be downloaded here:

As to why you ‘suddenly’ need this, I don’t know.

You can read more about it here:


Hi Cad

I tried your suggestion but recieved the following error also Bass error 44 . I am testing my new windows 2008 webedition webserver now ,
and also the remark i did get by trying to follow up your suggestion is that it does not match with my system. What is strange.

Maybe you can help. Does mairlist run under w2008 webedition.

Goos Mante

Ah, BASS Error 44. You should have mentioned that earlier. That means, it is possible to start mAirList? But you cannot play any files?

As you will know, mAirList ships with a special BASS.DLL utilizes the MP3 decoder installed in the Windows system (the one from Windows Media Player). On fresh Windows Server installations, there is no such codec. For the regular Standard edition of Windows Server, you can install the “Desktop Experience” package and you get everything you need. I’m not sure if it’s available for the cut-down Windows Web Server though.

You can also try to download the regular BASS.DLL (the one that does have an MP3 decoder) from

It will not play at all . I will download the files . And let you know .In what mairlist dir do i have to put them


Hi Torben

I did download a 64 bit version of Bass , is this correct. Because it is a 64 bit version of Windows


You have to download the 32-bit version because mAirList is a 32-bit software, regardless of the platform it runs on.

Just replace the existing bass.dll in C:\Program Files (x86)\mAirList 4.1 by the downloaded one.

I’ve download version 4.1 and no problem at al . So that is strange.

Strange . I downloaded the lastest Bass file . Overwrited to the old one. Still in 4.0 the issue is there. Would it help to reinstall 4.0. 4.1 does not has this issue.

Overwrite the bass.dll from 4.1 the problem resolved. What is strange of course