Metadata with Artwork streaming

Hello guys,

sorry for my question, if it is for you kind of stupid, but could you be so kind and tell me, do I need any specific procedures and setting, if I want to stream my internet radio thru external radio server hosting (,, …) with full metadata with artwork too?
If I have my storage fill with mp3 songs with ID taqs and artworks, it is enough?

My second question is : if I stream my broadcast thru deva streamer (which streams only sound, and is not possible send metadata, how, where, … can I send this types of datas to radiohosting paralell, and the result will be, that listener, if connect link, will hear the broadcast and see the metadata with artwork?

Ok, Im not a proffesional in coding, if there is a solution, could someone help me with setting?

Thank You for your time.