Metadata Triggers With in a Track

Hi there guys,

A question for the hive mind.

I have 2-3 hour long pre-recored shows that my station will be playing out through mAir. Is it possible to either import cue-points or create cue-points into the metadata file for each show that will display song information at certain points through out the 2-3 hour long track?

I have found that entering information in to the Other section of the Cue Editor window, will display information, can anyone tell me what format this information is read in as I hopefully will be able to embed it into the audio file during editing for mAir to read on import.

Many Thanks

Will T

You can add those “other” points manually, or you can import them from a cue shee (*.cue) file.

When you’re done, save all metadata as an MMD file (click Export, then Save MMD), and distribute the MMD file along with your audio file.

Many thanks Torben, much appreciated!

I record 1 and 2 hour shows, and it would be great to add now playing items as mentioned in this thread.
I guess this is kind of a feature request then - could you add a “cue sheet” to the logging process, please.
As each item is played during the recording it would be logged in cue sheet format; to be imported when the programme is fully recorded, and then saved as a .mmd file.