Maxxkonect U.192

Hello, ladies and gentlemen.

I have bought an external usb U.192 ( and I have a problem to plug it into my chain mAIRlistPC → D&R Webstation Master Output → Angry Audio C4 Audio Processor.
It should be a device where Thimeo StereoTool should work independently, without loading the processor on the PC where mAIRlist is.
But maybe I just misunderstood.
If there is anyone here who uses this device, I would be very grateful for consultation and help.

With deepest respect and regard

Ighi from Ighi’s Home Radio

Shouldn’t be a Thimeo STXtreme be the device you’re looking for? And why would you employ an

at all then? :thinking:

hmm, I thought that U.192 is about a light version of stxtreme, where I put the sound from the mixboard into the input before streaming, set the stereotool settings and throw the output to the streamer