[b]Edited from Torben[/b]: MaxHistoryCount is already implemented in the latest version 1.5.8, though it is not officially documented yet, as I hadn't got any time for thorough testing so far. To enable it, add the follwing line to your [Playlist0] section in mAirList.ini:


(or a value of your choice). mAirList will then keep the last 5 songs in the main playlist, and move them to the Archive window later. The default value is 0, so every song is moved to the archive immediately. I will include that option in the configuration dialog soon.

Is this function still active, Torben? It seems I am unable to make it work in version 22 and it’s predecessor. Have I got the syntax correct?

Locale= CustomLayout=on CustomColors=on CustomFonts=on [Playlist0] [b]MaxHistoryCount=2[/b] ViewMode=Extended Backtiming=on ProgressBar=on Comments=on AutoLoad=on AutoUnload=on AutoUnloadEOF=on AllowAutomation=on PlayerCount=3

Yes, should be active, but someone reported lately that it is ignored in some situations, e.g. in automation mode. I will have to investigate that.


I got it to work in the latest version, but, to be honest - I found it a bit confusing… I should have expected that, though :wink: I was trying to work out why playlist items didn’t appear to be playing, but it turns out I’d left the history setting in my INI file.

Perhaps, Torben, the played items in the playlist can turn a soft-grey colour (ie: marked as played) ?

Graying out will work as of 1.5.23. However, I noticed that the History function is somewhat broken at the moment. Better don’t use it. I will have to revise it, that will take a few days.


I know we’ve dicussed this before, but, is it possible to have the graying out option made configurable… my choice is to have inverse colouring or something similar, the problem being that the contrast of the gray on white it hard to see, so white letter on a black background would be my choice.

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