Matrix Mixer - How to load settings automatically?

Our matrix mixer is not keeping it’s settings upon restart of MairList. There seems to be no option for the matrix mixer in the Actions menu. How could we avoid a manual reload of the matrix mixers settings, as everything else has been automated?

Many views but no reply for a week so I guess saving the matrix mixers settings is not a feature. We will then go ahead and use a hardware mixer.

Holiday time :slight_smile:

It is possible to use the following command:


Where filename is the *.txt file saved from the GUI.

You can use this command as “Action on startup”.

hi Torben, is it possible to include all possibly remote control commands in the remote control Window? as for example the matrixmixer load is not shown. Or is there somewhere a complete list?

Hi sberchtold,

a list of remote control commands can be found here. However, sometimes there can be found further commands all over the forum – like here – which will be added as soon as possible.

Listed regards


In the control window are only commands listed that expect no further commands. :wink: