Mass change cue points

I stumbled upon a feature that wasn’t available in de past.
Seems it is now possible to use the “start next” cue point after the “fade out” cue point in the file.

So what I would like to do is copy the current “fade out” cue point to use it as the “start next” cue point. Then move the “fade out” out set point to 1 second ahead of the “start next” cue point.

So what would be the best method to achieve this?

I already tried exporting the database to csv and make the changes in excel.
Saving it back to csv and tried to import it back in to the database, but that didn’t work. It only sees dummy’s in the file.

Is there another or even better way of doing this?

You can place Start Next wherever you want. And I think, this was possible before v7.

I don’t think that something has changed. As far as I know, it is hard coded that
Fade Out = Start Next in Auto-Cue.

When you place Start Next behind Fade Out, this will be used. I don’t think that this is a new feature.

It didn’t occurred to me. I always thought that placing the START NEXT after FADE OUT, START NEXT would be ignored, with the next item starting at FADE OUT anyway.

But to implement it I will have to change/add cue points throughout the database. Import of the CVS not working has something to do with the CVS not being saved in the right format. The database export looks like this:

"588","000588","M:\10 CC - Dreadlock Holiday.flac","Dreadlock Holiday","10 CC","","","267.220","254.680","0.089","","","","","","","","","","","","254.769","","258.154","","","-2.524","-0.040","1.524","-11.878"

After making changes in excel, it is saved like this:

588;588;M:\10 CC - Dreadlock Holiday.flac;Dreadlock Holiday;10 CC;;;267.220;254.680;0.089;;;;;;;;;;;254.769;253.769;;258.154;;;-2.524;-0.040;1.524;-11.878;

So is there another way of mass change/add the cue points?

There should be a way to choose the separator character while saving Excel to csv. And by changing the data sheet cells to plain text, the quotation marks should be preserved, too.

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Well… , that seems to be a more difficult challenge than just changing cue-points. For those who wish to read up, here’s a link you could start with:

Time to install and try LibreOffice Calc, …

I can confirm that it works with Libre Office Calc without problems. On the other hand, I’m not familiar with some specifications of Excel.

Maybe you can ask @calypso60 who is an expert on *.csv. However, I don’t know which program he uses to make changes to the exported files.