Hi everybody,

Starting development of some mAirlist scripts, I’m looking for the mAirlistscript.chm documentation file. In the Cad Manual (v3, it’s right…), he tells about it. Moreover, I owned it few years ago…
But, where can I download the last mAirlistscript.chm ? The file is not in the download area of the site…

Is it always available ? I hope it is, because my previous scripts are written in v2 and so many changes need to be done for v4…



Great ! Thanks a lot !

I see that this download link is dead. Is there a working link to the file somewhere? Or is there another reference for scripting in mAirList?

Hey Tim,

unfortunately there is no actual documentation on that.
Our member @Tondose wrote some introduction threads on that topic, but he did in german.

They are listed here (german, too):

When there is something special you want to know, maybe he can help you?

Hmm, thanks. Unfortunately my German is not optimal :slight_smile:

I would need to write a quite complex script (similar to PerfectTime) but if I can’t learn the language it’s going to be hard… :worried:

@Tondose answers in perfect english (better than mine :wink:).

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Hi @TimPeeters,
the Scripting Help ist not updated on every release but from time to time.
The most recent one available for download is this one:
Along with the @Tondose s scritpting examples (at least the code parts) you should have a good starting point.
Just open a new thread for your script an I’m pretty sure, you will get some good help.

Thank you. :wink:

I just have tried out to throw one of these articles into, which is working astonishingly fine. Besides that, you have got PN.

Vertaalde groeten


Thanks for the download link, that’s what I was looking for! Using 6.2 but I suppose that will not make such a big difference :slight_smile:

At least I am not aware of any new feature, that would require major changes in the scripting engine.