mAirList Wiki

I’ve been putting some work into editing the Wiki pages, so I’d like to know what everyone thinks of the pages which are there so far. There is no point in me spending time ‘polishing’ the Wiki contents if the results are not useful!

Is the tone about right? Not too patronising? Is everything easy to understand?

Is the amount of detail about right? Is there anything which does not have enough detail for you, or too much detail?

Also, is there anything specific that you would like me to add to the Wiki? Right now, I plan to finish the Configuration page by describing all the options in Configuration (or maybe add that as a new page); then I will add a page describing the basic mouse and keyboard features and commands available in Players, Playlists, and the Cartwall; and then probably a page about Tagging and building a library, with reference to User Defined Data fields.

Please post a reply here if there is anything you would prefer to have added to the Wiki before that, or if there is anything particularly important that you think is ‘missing’ from the Wiki.

I very much look forward to all your comments! I enjoy writing user documentation (yes really!), so do let me know what you would like—in English, please!—and I will do my best to write what you need.


Cad, many thanks for all your efforts in writing and editing the wilki.

It’s something I hope to contribute to, when I get the time.

Kind regards Tony

Thanks for your comments, and also to Torben for his kind praise in the v2.0 announcement!

I have just added lots of useful help to budding Wiki contributors (including all the markup you should need, with examples) to the Editing help page in the Wiki.

So now, if you edit a page and click that link at the bottom, there is some Help available! :wink:

MediaWiki itself contains more comprehensive Editing Help pages in its Manual, but I think what I’ve added should be enough for 99.9% of contributions, especially if you Edit an existing mAirList Wiki page or two to see how they were done.


I recently added a little bit of text with regards to Remote Control, including a couple of RPC examples:

I’ve updated Changes in mAirList 2.1 with Player, ProgressBar and CartWall info.

Has something been done to the mAirList Wiki re: image uploads ? I was just looking through, noticed that my screenshots had vanished, with a note left by Ant - I’ve added a note, too. Then notice “Gavin Stephens” offered a revised layout from one of mine. I don’t see him as a registered forum user - just his IP from the Wiki history.

The Scheduling article has also lost it’s images - these were uploaded directly to the Wiki folder - and it’s reporting back that uploads have been disabled…

Any ideas ?

Very strange error in the Mediawiki configuration. Should be fixed now.

I’ve just added a Fairly Major page to the wiki about file tagging (adding cue points). I hope you all like it, and more importantly, get some benefit from it. It’s based on my recent tagging adventures (about 800 tracks so far, and rising).

There are supposed to be some graphics what I have also prepared, but the wiki appears not to be accepting uploads at the moment. Hopefully Torben can fix that? :wink: The page is more difficult to understand without them. :frowning:


I installed an update of the Mediawiki software a few days ago. Looks like it’s lost part of its configuration then. I have re-enabled uploads now, can you please try again?

Great stuff, Torben.

I welcome all comments and suggestions about the new wiki Tagging page (in all its newly decorated glory) from all Forum members!



To Cad

My compliments to you for your most informative Wiki subject matter on tagging.

You’ve obviously spent a great deal of time putting this together.

I’m interested in how you make mention of “hooks”

Most excellent work.

I’m delighted that this page has been received so well! I have a limited amount of time to devote to writing that sort of thing, so I tend to have an idea for a page, scribble down a few headings in Notepad, then open and edit it whenever I think of something to add or a better way to explain something.

Eventually I end up with a finished article in Notepad (yes, complete with wiki markup!) which I finally copy’n’paste into the wiki.

I'm interested in how you make mention of "hooks"
I recall 'hooks' being mentioned by more than one person here as something that would be useful, and it always seemed to me that some kind of tagging was the answer, so I figured it all out, tried and tested it, then wrote down all the steps for the benefit of others.

I still need to complete my page about the Cartwall, though. :frowning:


I think I may have brought up “hooks” quite a while ago, and Torben explained that it was simply a case of setting an alternative CuePoint and storing it in the drop-down box.

Cad: Nice Wiki page, good stuff.

I’ve just added my current layout/skin + screenshots to the Gallery page.

I quite like your layout Charlie, nice one. I like the playlist font style in particular.

I’d post mine, however, it’s a little to close for copyright of a blend of my two former favourite systems. I did the players in a Simian style and the playlist with MC icons etc…


Here’s a quick look at my personal layout. I really like the idea of being able to customise the layout.

It’ll only be there for a day to have a nosey at. I’ve downscaled it from 1024x768 to 800x600 to save on web space.


You’ve not done much with the players, have you ?!

I do like the music/jingle icons - I looked around for a decent “chain” icon but couldn’t find one. In my icons thread, there’s a zip file full of them - but nothing that resembles yours.

I like the colours in Simian, where the playing item is green, next to air cyan and also in the playlist. But I like the music and link icons in MC, hence the red notes and yellow/cyan link icons. I just did a couple of bits in paintbrush with a little black outline around them.

I did a little white reel to reel tape although I don’t have a screenshot of that. Same with a green dollar sign for any spots etc…

I’ll go have a search for the other thread you mention.

No I didn’t change the players, just made the buttons a little bigger and moved them up the top.


I’ll have the icons (actually png’s with transparency already set) I’ve done like MC zipped there for 12-24 hours: