mAirList version 6.3.24 and Stereo Tool

I want to use Stereo Tool as a plug-in in mAirList Professional Studio version 6.3.24 feeding the Encoder. The goal is to have the same output levels all the time on my internetstream.

Which version of Stereo Tool is supported and what is the best way to install?

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Hi, I just wrote these instructions a few days ago. But pay attention to the version difference:

Earlier versions of the plugin where named generic_stereo_tool.dll . Later it was changed to libStereoTool_32.dll . mAirList will recognize both names starting with version 7.2.6. For earlier versions, you must rename the DLL to generic_stereo_tool.dll .

Let me start by saying that everyone does it a little differently. But I integrate StereoTool directly into mAirList.

As follows:

  1. First download the following file from StereoTool:
  2. Unzip the archiv, go to the lib\Windows\32 folder, and copy libStereoTool_32.dll to The file must be copied into the plugins folder inside the mAirList program directory, e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\mAirList 6.3\plugins for mAirList 6.
  3. Rename the libStereoTool_32.dll file to generic_stereo_tool.dll
  4. Go to mAirList -> Control Panel -> Connections -> (Your encoder) -> Sound Processing -> Add... -> Stereo Tool

You should now have the option of using known presets or tinkering with them yourself under Presets in Stereo Tool.

Source: config:dsp:stereotool [mAirList Wiki]

:warning: @Stefan_Hillen has pointed out to me again that this way, which I have described above, can lead to unexpected crashes.

I therefore recommend integrating it in the following way (Winamp DSP plug-in):

  1. Download:
  2. Install the files in C:\Program Files (x86)\mAirList 6.3\plugins
  3. Go to mAirList -> Control Panel -> Connections -> (Your encoder) -> Sound Processing -> Add... -> Winamp DSP-Plugin
  4. Select the file C:\Program Files (x86)\mAirList 6.3\plugins\dsp_stereo_tool.dll

Sorry for the confusion. I got the way from here:


Solved! Thanks @Liam