mAirList v7.3 public beta

Hello community,

mAirList v7.3 has been released on October 24th, 2023 as public beta. You are invited to test it.

:warning: :information_source: An existing version 7.2 will be overwritten. If you want to test it as a separate installation, we recommend the *.zip download.
If you want to rollback, you can re-install v7.2.


Version 7.3-beta Build 5600 (2023-10-24)

[+] Encoder: Ability to specify a "not playing" text that is used as stream
    metadata when no item is playing (according to the filters set in the
    connection's metadata settings)
[+] Logging: Added "Execute when no item is playing anymore" and
    "Execute when stream title changes" options; introduced %B variable
    for current stream title
[+] Logging: Added Media Broadcast PAD protocol (DAB+ DLS)
[+] DB: Items can be moved around folders via cliboard and Ctrl-X/C/V shortcuts.
    You can also mass-adjust artist, attribute values or item type by copying
    items and pasting them into the respective view.
[+] DB: Ability to specify additional separators for automatic splitting of
    artist names (besides the built-in "feat." etc.)
[+] File import: Added support for DABiS-style XML metadata
[*] Improved stability of audio engine during long-term operations in other
    parts of the software
[*] DB: Removed ancient "Convert to Unicode" function for local databases

To date (Build 5605) the changelog shows in addition:

[-] DB: Scheduler settings: Wrong dialog displayed when editing Artist Groups
[+] DB: Hour templates: Ability to set/replace filler items of Region Containers
    with a fixed item, or random item from a specific folder
[+] Stream and Live Feed playlist items: Built-in silence detection function.
    Threshold can be configured on the Audio Settings -> General config page.
[-] Logging and start/stop action lists executed twice for Stream and Live
    Feed playlist items
[-] Config: "Component already exists" error when editing logging configuration

If you find errors or unexpected behaviour, please use this thread for reporting. Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:

In my private webcast usage it works perfectly. :+1: :sunglasses:
Have fun!

Version 7.3 left beta status today, on World Radio Day, and is now officially productive with Build 5621.

Many thanks to all testers.