mAirlist: Use faders on the D&R Airlite to make VT?

Im a new happy user with mAirlist. I makeVT in this way:
I push the VT and get this window
I have setup my Audio in this way:

I cue the player A and B at channel 7
I cue my Mic at channel 1
Then I can speak between the music end and beginning.
Everything works fine.

However: I need to fade up and down several times when I speak the outro.
Then I will start the next music number
In the intro to next music number I need to fade up and down several times when I speak the intro.
Is that possible?

I’d like to manually fade down for the music (by the AirLite fader) while speaking and after speaking I’d like to manually fade up again for the music. Maybe I want this a couple of times. Very likely a “live show”. And the same in intro for the nexr music number. Fade down while speaking, and fade up again…
Its not a solution doing that in an editor - I want to fade with the Airlite faders like the Live Show

I have the mixer D&R Airlite

Best regards
Junker Thomsen

Pics of my Audio Settings:

I am affraid this isn’t possible due several reasons.

At first, the Airlite faders don’t send any signal to use as control for sofware. So they can’t be remoting the volume of the player A and B who are used in the voicetrack.

Second reason. mAirlist doesn’t record the audio of track A and B when voicetracking. These tracks are loaded in the playlist like normal after recording the voicetrack. Volume control will be loaded like stored in the mixeditor. Or like when live changed by sliding the volume faders of player a and b during voicetracking on screen. The volume faders can be used by remote, but not by the airlite.

Only the voicetrack (and maybe the cartwall in a seperate track when u have cartwallVT addon) is recorded. Audio never is recorded from player A and B.

Due these reasons, the faders of the airlite will not make it possible to ‘live’ change volumes of player a and b when voicetracking.

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Thanks for your posting, I understand this is not possible, though its a pity. I understand a little bit more how it works… Thanks

Get a cheap midi mixer, I bought (for testing ) a 2 fader midi mixer for 25€ and that works perfectly for recording voice tracks.

Sorry, henk, I do not understand how a Midi Mixer should help me “recording” a show with mAirlist and VT the same time Im broadcasting live! Tell me, please! :slight_smile: Thanks…
Could that solve my problem? Link?

Yes it could. :slight_smile:

An additional small Midi-Mixer could be connected to mAirList and you can use this especially for your problem. Just two Faders, one for each player to fadeout or in during a VT. :wink:

I do think about a solution like this as well.


Pro Audio Equip 2 Channel MIDI Controller Live Studio Music DJ Mixer – Gemini Sound

If you look better you find cheaper one’s.
You use it only for voice tracks ,if you bring up the fader you see the fader marker in mairlist go up and fader down you see the marker go down in mairlist.

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