Mairlist Remote control and remote DJ's?

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What do you recommend for this case if we have one Marilist running in the studio and I need to do some changes from my holiday? What would be the best choice? Teamviewer or what?

And how our remote DJ’s could work from home with Mairlist?

  • According to old topics in this forum I understood that one possibility can be remote dj has its own SHOUTcast server at home and Mairlist forward that stream to listeners? Is that the only way?
  • I m not familiar with what server type of Mairlist can do, can it be solution ?

Is your question about version 6 or 7? Some things have changed that can be interesting for you. :wink:

That depends on the kind of changes you would like to do and if your automation can be interrupted or not, if you use an audio output channel that will be used by Teamviewer etc.
For database purposes only (adding and editing items (cues, ramps, special properties), preparing shows, voicetracking, changing automation templates) maybe there is a better solution.

Is it how they send their live show on your stream?
Well, you should have a mAirList edition where the Stream Monitor is available; actually it is mAirList Advanced Server or Professional Studio.

You can find all detailed information about the Stream Monitor in our wiki.

No, you are the owner of the server as the receiving and relaying system. mAirList supports you by monitoring the server on incoming streams.

The Stream Monitor lets you pick up incoming Shoutcast/Icecast streams as they become available, re-broadcasting them instantly. It is designed to be a convenient way to incorperate live streaming (from a home DJ, or an outside broadcasting event) into a 24/7 automated mAirList system.

By the way, we recommend Icecast as server for the incoming stream to be relayed:

Typically you will need a “private” streaming server that will relay the incoming stream(s) to mAirList. The DJ connects to that private server, mAirList picks up the stream, and rebroadcasts it to the public server. Outside the hours of this live streaming, the private stream should be offline.

We recommend using Icecast for that private stream – we found that Shoutcast does not work so well because it may buffer old portions of audio (from the previous broadcast) and send that to the listener (Stream Monitor) first when the new broadcast starts.

(from our wiki)

First at all, thanks for your reply

Mine is version 7.