mAirList problems

Hi. I have So. Many. Problems!!
So I have mAirList and I just kind of set things more or less. But. Every time I turn it on, I have to rearrange everything. And today, I couldn’t do my show because it wouldn’t accept the microphone attached to the Xenyx 302usb, only the one on my laptop. For example, wher do i tell mAirList that I am using a Xenyx 302usb mixer?
What is a standalone configuration app? Could someone please help me sey it up? Thank you.

Welcome to the Forum. :slight_smile:

That might be the general cause for your problems? Starting doing shows with a not properly set configuration will hardly work most times :wink:

So let’s see how we can help you:

In the mAirlist configuration → Audio Routing

That’s the configuration that can be opened independently from the mAirlist playout, additionally to the link in the playout window.

You can find it in the windows start menu folder of mAirlist (and should pin it to the taskbar).

Why are there two ways to open the configuration?

Please take a look here and maybe translate it with google:

Nah :wink: Either you didn’t set the Audio Routing correctly in mAirlist or the microphone wasn’t setup/connected properly to the mixer.

mAirlist will only recognize the USB device in whole and not the attached microphones or line-in hardware. So it can’t “not accept” a connected device separately.

What to re-arrange? The layout? Or the tabs to display Playlists, elements etc?

I would be sooooo grateful to go through the setup with you. If there is anyway we can communicate outside of here, or better still, if by any chance you live in Berlin, i would be so happy.

I still can´t get the microphone to work.

Try the settings on the Recording-Tab.