Mairlist playlist creation error


Experiencing a random error when trying to save mairlist playlists .mlp’s

I load a selection of music files into the playlist and attempt to save the playlist as an .mlp file.
On occasions we get an error that says there are “recognised characters used in text field” and the playlist won’t save .

Has anyone else experience this.

We are using 5.2 and dragging music files straight from a network drive (not an ask database)

Any ideas ?

Happens when there is a “weired” special character in the metadata (artist, title, comment, attributes) - usually imported from a file tag.

To track it down, copy the items to the clipboard one by one - Ctrl+C, Down Arrow, Ctrl+C, … - or binary search if you know what that is :wink: - and check which one will give the same error message. Then check its properties.