Mairlist not responding after new interface install

Mairlist 5.3. I have just connected a new Behringer UMC 1820. But Mairlist freezes on startup . it says not responding. If I wait for about 1 minute, it then loads properly. Any help please.


What Interface did you use before? Did that have ASIO Drivers as well?
If yes, these drivers might still be vailable but due to the missing hardware can’t be intialized by mAirlist.

There is an option to tell mAirlist to ignore a specific ASIO device, you can see the settings in the german thread.

Set all ASIO devices to ignore, except your UMC 1820. Or even including the 1820 if you only use WASAPI for it.

Many thanks for your reply. The only Asio drivers showing were Asio4all which was on ignore. I have now put Behringer 1820 drivers on ignore and will see what happens. When loading, it seems to be the cartwall that is taking a long time initialising.


Actually I have no clue where to go next.
I assume you already have installed the latest drivers? Behringer | Downloads

To start with a totally blank canvas, you can open your config folder and move the devices.ini out of this folder somwhere else or just rename the file. That is factory resetting any Audio Device Assignments in mAirlist. If you want to go back you can put your original file back.

After that you need to assign all audio inputs and outputs again.
That makes sure that you don’t have any settings, that might point to your old device.
Make sure to use WASPI only, ASIO Only might also work with your 1820.

That’s it. Solved. Thank you shorty.xs. As you suggested, I renamed the device.ini file, restarted computer and configured all to wasapi. All back working fine now. Previously, I had deleted all the old soundcard in the registry. Again thank you.


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Great that it works for your.
By the way, restarting the computer after killing the devices.ini is not even necessary. This only has an effect on mAirlist itself.
Once it does not find the file it is recreated on next startup and than filled as you re-do your settings.

Also this is basicly the same thing that happens on Windows Feature Upgrades. Windows is generating new UUIDs for the audio devices and mAirlist can’t access the audio devices that it finds in the devices.ini anymore.
Killing the devices.ini an set evereything again also helps in this case.