mairlist not reading mmd files


i have mairlist to put mmd files into a central folder from the config, which it is doing fine, however it isnt showing the files to be set when re-loaded into the playlist.

I am using an on the fly database. does it require a full rescan for it to work?


If you edit items dragged from the OnTheFly Database and save to MMD - the OnTheFly will not read the new MMD changes until a re-load of mAirList (recan at startup) :slight_smile: Think of the OnTheFly as one big MLP playlist (which it is) and all the cue points need to be refreshed if you make changes to the MMD files.

Ah-ha, i assumed this was the case…

This is what databases are meant for… No need to keep separate MMD files or ID3 tags.