mAirlist MusicMaster Integration Demo

Hi all there…Hi Torben…i’m new here, i found mAirlist a real Great Radio Automation Software…i come from very popular and well know Automation Software, like Zenon, Zetta, Digas, Axel…now im looking for mAirlist first because for a small webradio project, i was looking for a powerfull and not expensive Automation Software, and i found mAirlist…it has all the requirements i was looking for, very easy, stable, customizable, powerfull and not so much expensive! , but also now it seems to have direct MusicMaster integration support , and this is great for me, cause i use it already for my main radio station work…now, in the station where i work we have already a lease license for MusicMaster 5 and Nexus API , ansci wish to test mAirlist MusicMaster integration with the demo to see how it work with and evaluate its powerfull or not integration, but i didn’t find any info about use mAirlist with MM nexus in details…just import/export playlist/library…
I see on website that you develop a specific version for MusicMaster so, my question is, there is a way to get a demo of it? or the professional demo can be used also? i wish to test reconciliation, realtime database and playlist synch…use mAirList as a playout system using MusicMaster as scheduling backend, without any mAirlist synchronization (library import, schedule export)

Thank u Torben for attention, Regards

Please register at the customer area on, and send an e-mail with your user name/e-mail to, I will put up a demo license for you and send you further information.

Thank you Torben! I just followed your instruction and sent mail.