mAirList - MIDI Volume Controller Possible?

Hi there,

My friend and I are toying around with a MIDI Controller (M-Audio XPonent), and we were wondering, is it possible to control Player 1-1 and Player 1-2 with the MIDI sliders? If so, how would we set this? We have tried a bunch of things, but doesn’t seem to be working. . . are we missing something?

We found this video: but it’s in German… but he seems to have it working with his controller!


Generally, this is possible out of the box, because you can assign any mAirList command (e.g. PLAYER 1-1 VOLUME 50%) to any MIDI message that arrives on the interface.

So basically you need to find out which MIDI messages your device sends when you move the slider, e.g. Using the built-in monitor function in the MIDI remote configuration dialog, and then assign VOLUME commands to them.

Note that MIDI is only available in the paid editions of mAirList.