mAirList Hung (v3.1.9 b990)


I had a notification script set up to load an emergency playlist when the playlist ran empty (per sample script but it was pointing to the wrong drive so when the playlist ran empty mAirList tried (and failed) to open the emergency playlist (3435 times according to the system log!) and then hung. Would it be worth limiting the number of tries to a sensible amount - which presumably will prevent the whole system hanging?

Additional info: If references a playlist file which does not exist then mAirList just carries on. The problem described above occurs when the playlist referenced in the script if present but contains files which cannot be loaded.

Same thing happens in the demo version of V4.0.1 b1205


I propose you use the “When the playlist runs empty” action list instead. (The script is from the old days when that action list didn’t exist.)

That action lists gives you the ability to specify another emergency action list that is executed when one of the original actions fail. So you could try to load a date-specific emergency list (from a network drive or so) first, and if that fails, fall back to some local files as a last resort.