Mairlist frozen

hello, third times, i ve got mairlist frozen in mode automatic, i ve send reports of bugs by e mail.
I don t know why
i ve to close and restart mairlist
Did you fix french translation?

somebody have the same problem?after few hours mairlist is frozen
i don t kwow why, i ve send reports by mail each time i have the problem,
so i have to come back on mairlist 5 :frowning:

I checked the bug reports again, and the only “frozen” messages I see in reports from you were during an “export entire library” operation in the DB app - which can actually take a while.

i don t know, i had mairlist frozen last time around 3 am in the morning, i try the new snapshot

i don t know why i had mairlist frozen again, 13h20pm, send a report

Did not receive any report :frowning: Maybe something went wrong with upload? Check the data folder if there is a file named “bugreport.txt”. If yes, send manually.

Didn t find bugreport.txt >:(
just had mairlist frozen, never have mairlist frozen with mairlist5, i have to close and open mairlist 6 when it s frozen, don t know why, i olny know it s in automatic mode

Dear Berthy,

I think you need to be a little bit more specific so Torben will be able to help you. Just stating that mAirlist is frozen won’t help anyone. v6 is still in beta as I’m sure you are aware of and all bugreports are thus welcome.
The support of mAirlist in general and Torben in specific is more than excellent, but please try to be a little more helpfull yourself.


I d like to be more helpfull, each time i had the problem, i ve send report, it seams it didn t work
i was in automatic mode and suddenly mairlist was frozen, i could hear a sound frozen, maybe i should record next time, but i came back on mairlist 5, i was tired to have the bug each time for listeners when i was on mairlist 6
i d like to come back on mairlist 6, it seems be nice version
so now i try again mairlist 6 waiting the bug to report it when i will have it

As long if it beta no production was asked.
I am no prof but it sounds to me that it’s production your doing

this morning i had the bug, i ve found the bugrerport.txt after sending it by mail
here is a video with the bug via my you tube

I send also manually by mail at this adress ‘’




Looks like it’s stuck somewhere in bass.dll (audio engine). Can you try to use WASAPi instead of DirectSound for the audio output?

thanks fot answers, didn t understand everything
i ve few sounds cards for mairlist

cartes sons.jpg

I noticed no Wasapi entries. maybe wrong drivers installed?

When you expand “Audio Settings” in the tree on the left, is there a “WASAPI” item? If yes, does it show any devices on that page?

yes i don t see wasapi, and on another computer i can see wasapi don t know why



On the left! Please expand “Audio Settings”!

i don t have on my computer, but i can see on another computer


In your picture, you didn’t expand the “Audio Settings” tab on the left side (see picture).

What’s your operating system?


my system is xp, i don t have wasapi