mAirlist freezes

Hi Torben

i sended you an email regarding this issue. Today it happens again that a pc from one of our home studio’s mAirlist freezes . Today it was not during the live hours , but during the preperation of that programme . Can you please check the bug report . We do not know what causing this . If it’s is a hardware issue on my collegue his pc or software issue with mAirlist


bug report.txt (19.9 KB)

This seems to be the wrong kind of bugreport file.

I need the one that is generated when you click the “Details” button in the dialog box that appears when mAirList freezes for at least 60 seconds (“The application seems to be frozen”).

i’ll will send it to you


herte is the bug report

bugreport.txt (59.4 KB)

A bug report that you create manually from the menu later is equally useless.

I need the one that was generated exactly in the situation when the error occured.

We will send it when it happens again


Can’t it produce the bugreport when it did happend today or is a bugreport every time new when a problem accour.

Recent mAirList versions automatically save the bugreport if the user chooses not to save or send it.

Go to the mAirList data folder (see mAirListConfig -> Advanced -> Data Folders) and check if there is a file name “bugreport.txt” there.

Its to large for the forum

I send it to you in a personal email


Does it happen all the time or only once?

it happend yesterday and the day before. On Wednesday my collegue could not go live while mAirlist freezes. It took about 15 min to solve this . His broadcast start at 19 and 19:15 it was gone


Already an answer regarding our problem?


Tonight at 19:00 happend it again.Lucky we could turn over to the other studio tonight


bugreport1905.txt (60.1 KB)

Made a small change. Please try the new version 4.4.12, and if it happens again, send another bug report.

Thanks what causes this?


It happend again tonight

I sended the bug report


I cannot really tell by now.

This afternoon I backported a bugfix from v5 that I thought might be related to this, but apparantely it was not.

If it happens always at the same time of the day (19:00), maybe there is some item in the playlist (show opener?) that’s causing this? In the bugreport I see that you have a mAirListDB Server/Client set up? Maybe there is something wrong with the connection?

When you are start an item that was added from a mAirListDB, mAirList will make an entry into the internal playlist logging table. Maybe the connection hangs at that point.

Wel it happend today in the commercial break all commercials of the moth september are put in a container. Strange thing is when i started by hand this evening this did not happend.Forcomming problems i choose to play the files localy at his pc . Everying is played localy, not from the server .

I do not know where to find it . I do have windows 10 it’s playing normaly and my other collegue is having windows 8.1 also not a problem . Same situation , we play all files localy from our own pc .


Hi Torben

Any update?


No. Absolutely no idea.