Mairlist freeze when opening properties of music track


I am running Mairlist 5 build 2547
but by problem was allready by the first build of mairlist 5.

The problem : When i open the properties of a track from the database , mairlist will be freeze.
Afther aproximately 30 seconds i get a messase from mairlist , that mairlist has been frozen.
Afther clicking on OK it takes a while and mairlist unfreeze ans i get the propierties windows of the track.

I investigate why mairlist will frozen at my action.
I see that one core of the CPU (dualcore) wil use 100% CPU load. the other core is idle
The mairlist.exe is using 100% CPU on the core with is running to 100%

Other processes are useng idle time to max 5%

Please does someone know or helping me what i can do to avoid the 100% cpu load when i opening the properties of a track and freezes ?

I am running mairlist Win 7 pro 32 bits with SP 1

specs computer:
AMD Atlon 64 X2 Dual core processor 5000+ on 2,6 GHz
Mairlist installed on C:\program files (internal hdd)
Music on Externa HDD by USB 3.0

Kind regards
Marcel Trap

When you see the “application seems to be frozen” message, please click Details and send a bug report from the window that appears.

The bug report contains a call stack list of all threads, which will help me to identify the cause of the freeze.

Hello Torben,

bug report is sended twice to you by e-mail

Kind regards
Marcel Trap

Thanks. Something seems to be wrong with your folder configuration. How big is your database file, can you upload it somewhere?

The database file is stored on C:\Mairlist directories\database

The mldb is 86 MB

i am uploading the database files to a cloud environment… please standby i am awaiting the upload is finisched

then i will give you the adres to download the database

Hello Torben

you can download the database files on

please let me know you can download the files

i am using DB version 22


I found out when i create a new database which is small database with 165 records in it, the issue is gone.
Is it possible that the performance will be extremly decrease when there is more that 100.000 records in the local database ?

If so, is there a solution the increase the database performance ?

Kind regards,
Marcel Trap

The overall database size was not the problem, but rather the fact that you have 6048 folders, which is quite a large number. It’s probably because of v5’s cool new “maintain folder structure” feature :wink:

Please try build 2549, I have optimized the code, it should be much quicker now.

Hi Torben,

You opened my world, wow your optimized code work like a charm !
It performed as it should be. ;D

Well done, and good job !

Thank you very much for your good support !

Small question, is there a solution to set the position to the all right of duration colomn in the Database tab of the browser in the skin.ini ?

Kind regards,
Marcel Trap