mairlist freeze on vps

I’m testing mairlist on a vps windows server 2012r2. It is working good except after 12 - 24 hour the player freezes. The program is still accessible. Which direction do i have to search? Server hardware is strong enough. intel core i 7 @ 3,2 ghz and 6g ram.


I run 6 instances of mAirList, each with it’s own sound processing plugin, on a windows server 2012R2 VPS for more than 5 months now without any problem whatsoever.
I have no idea where you should look. Have a look at the Windows error logs first might point you in the right direction.

I assume this is a server that does hot have any physical audio hardware?

Some VPS have issues with the Windows realtime clock (which is used as the “wordclock” in this case) not running correctly. But most of the time, it results in the player not running at the correct speed.

I have also seen cases where this happened on a physical machine, when the Windows power saving settings were set to “power saving” or so.

Just an idea…

After hours of testing i found a strange problem. When the rdp connection is broken, mairlist stops playing… . @Torben, the server has no physical sound carts. The windows time seems to be oke and on the server is no power saving active. Anyone an idea to solve this problem?


Probably you have RDP audio redirection turned on? You should definitely disable that.

In the RDP connection dialog, open the Options, then go to “Local Resources”, then Audio, and choose “Play on remote computer”.

Here’s a screenshot I found:

Thank you verry much! This did the trick!