mAirList for Home Users: News 08/2020

There are news concerning the mAirList editions.

When we presented the Advanced Plus and Advanced Server editions in mid-July 2020, the offer for private users was already showing that Home Studio will cost 100 euros plus your local VAT from August 1st, 2020 on.
The price incl. VAT is based on the country in which the buyer lives; the shop will calculate it for you.

However, there is a bonus: The “Voicetrack with Cartwall” function is now available in Home Studio too (previously only in the Advanced Edition).
:arrow_right: This applies to all Home Studio editions of version 6 - including existing customers.
To activate this function, please re-download your license.

We added another, cheaper edition: mAirList Home Studio Lite.

This edition is our entry-level model with playout, cartwall, encoder, database, simple remote control (including MIDI), as well as optical design options.

We offer this edition for 75 euros plus your local VAT.
mAirList Home Studio Lite is not discountable.

What can the Home Studio do more than the smaller Lite edition?

  • External DSP plugins (e.g. StereoTool etc.),
  • Voice tracking - now with Cartwall, too, :slightly_smiling_face:
  • Mixdown,
  • Scripting.

We hope you will have fun with mAirList - whether you’re new to our software or an existing customer.

Details and shop:

Thanks for the update Uli. The “Voicetrack with Cartwall” works well.

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