MAirList <> DR Airlite ... start PFL on one Channel with script


if I start PFL in MAirlist in an external editor I want to send to Airlite (via script) that CUE/PFL on Channel 8 should be autmatically activated. When I stop the PFL-Player it should deactivate the CUE/PFL on the mixerconsole again.

Trigger for script is “PFL in external editor started” … set in configuratoin.

I found a wiki where you can change Cartwall-Settings on Airlite … but i have not found the functions to activate PFL via script.

Can somebody help?

Happy new year, Martin

Has anyone an idea? Would be fine

Hi Marti,

having had a look at the Airlite manual as well as the mAirList-Wiki for Airlite configuration, I’m afraid that this specific function (although useful) is not implemented. And, worse, doing so would probably turn out as a major task, concerning the developers of both D&R and mAirList: the former having to integrate an appropriate interface into the console, the latter having to invent procedures to trigger it. Did you contact the D&R people before, regarding this issue?

By the way, I have been faced with the same challenge concerning my fully analogue Studer console. The good news (for me) is that, with a reasonable amount of tinkering, it can be done. What I want so say is: The difficulty with your demand is having always two parties involved, console and playout software.

Cued regards


What’s “in an external editor”?

external-Editor = Mix-Editor … which needs PFL