mAirList dies

Yesterday, mAirList crashed on my brand new laptop, Media Center Edition, 1GB memory and 80 GB hard drive. Since then, the computer has been DREADFULLY slow and I can’t re-launch the program any more - it simply says that mAirList has crashed and would I like to send an error report to Microsoft?

Are there any other processes that mAirList starts up that I could kill in order to try and relaunch it?

Just an update…

When trying to play audio in Winamp, I get the error:

Bad DirectSound Driver. Please install proper drivers or use another device in configuration.

Error Code: 88780078

Try a full Shutdown (NOT a Hibernate!) first, then reboot.

Otherwise, it does appear that your DirectX is broken; or at least the DirectSound part of it. That should be curable by grabbing and installing the latest version of DirectX from Microsoft.

I am not familiar with ‘Media Center Edition,’ but it seems surprising that its DirectX is screwed. If the PC is a brand new boxed laptop from a shop, maybe you should take it back and complain to them?


I worked out what happened.

After several restarts, It occurred to me that there was no start-up sound playing when I logged in… so I took a look at my drivers.

Sure enough, mAirList took my drivers down with it when it died and a simple system restore to yesterday sorted that one out. It also fixed the slowness.

Hm. And what happens if you start mAirList again? (In case you dare to.) Same effect?

mAirList works as normal after the bounce-back.