Mairlist Clock

Just a quick question regarding the Clock in Mairlist. We plan to start using Mairlist to schedule automated news insert (line in feed from Sat receiver)… but iv noticed that Mairlist has a tendency to loose time if the software lags for any reason. Is there anyway to force Mairlist to always stay accurate to the windows System clock ?

What do you mean by “it loses time”? mAirList uses the Windows realtime clock for all timing matters. This is not running on a VPS by any chance, is it?

Hi Torben

Not sure what you mean by VPS?

But the clock could be perectly in sync one minute then if for any reason mairlist freezes for 10 seconds or so (if loading a large number of files into playlist etc or opening a cartwall) it will have lost or gained a few minutes…

The windows Clock is still in time but Mairlist shows an incorrect time and has to be set manually…

This will cause us problems if we use mairlist to automatically switch over to Live sky news feeds.

Is there a setting in the configuration files regarding the clock etc ?


You mean the clock in the lower right corner (status bar) of the mAirList window drifts apart?!

That one is actually displaying the Windows system time, “updated” every second.

Hi Torben

Its actually the LED Clock in the Layout of the Mairlist Application.

Iv attached a Screen Shot of the Clock I`m referring too.

When it loses time i have to manually reset it ?


Actually I can’t believe that this really happes. Can you post another screenshot with all of the LED clock, the main window status bar (with the current time) and the Windows clock?

I’ll wait until it does it again and attach a picture.

It’s a really strange situation because the Windows Clock staY’s in sync but the Mairlist clock normally gains a few minutes for some reason?

I have absolutely no idea why this would happen.

Can’t say I’ve ever noticed that happen.

But then again, I don’t have faith in Windows keeping time, instead I’ve always used Advanced Time Synchronizer, and set that to update the system time from the UK NTP pool.

I use this method at 2 radio stations I work with, because they use IRN/SKY for news via sat, so the news in/out jingles need to be triggered on time.

However, at those stations they use a different automation software, but I won’t mention which, so in addition we use Auto Mute by Charlie Davy to open and close the news feed via another computer that also uses Advanced Time Synchronizer.

I know this is a clunky way of doing it, but they don’t use mAirList, so we just keep the news fader always up, and let AutoMute open and close the feed. Worked for use over the last 4-5 years.