mAirlist behringer DX2000 setup

Hello fellow Dj’s/producers,

I have recently found out about mAirlist. It is so far the best and advanced radio broadcasting program i have ever seen! I’m currently using an outdated behringer UB1832FX. I’m planning on buying the behringer DX2000, for my online radio what i’m setting up. I have noticed that all the videos on youtube are in german (ofcource). I’m trying to find out how i can configure the DX2000 with mAirlist so that hot and faderstart work on for instance line 3 and 4 of the panel, and my jingles are on for instance line 5 of the DX2000 via the cartwall. Also, i have seen a red - yellow - green light been used for when 'on-air’and when broadcasting.

If you could be so nice to help me configure the DX2000 and giving me some more information on how everything really works including the lamp.



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