mAirlist Audio Logger - Lynx Audio Card Question

I cannot seem to get the software to work with my Lynx ONE audio cards. It will work great with the internal unbalanced consumer grade card.

Has anyone on the forum used the Lynx ONE cards with this software?

The exact error is: ErrorLRecordStart: unsupported sample format (BASS error 6).

I have tried every combination of codec/bit/sample rate that there is. Nothing seems to work. But, the built in Intel audio card works fine.

Any ideas?

mAirList Audio Logger version 1.0.4 Build 31
Running on a Dell GX280 P4 3.4Ghz with 2GB ram and a 250GB HDD.

I have 3 Lynx ONE audio cards installed. They work great encoding with Windows Media Encoder. They just don’t seem to work with the mAirList logger.

Any help is appreciated!

The message refers to the recording step, not the encoding step. It’s probably that the card does not like recording in 32-bit floating point format (the default used by Audio Logger).

Build 31 added a small “16 bit” checkbox in the audio input configuration - have you tried that one?

I tired the 16 bit option. No dice.

I have ordered in 3 Echo MIA Audio cards. I am going to see if those work.

Thanks for the suggestion!

Installed 3 Echo MIA audio cards. Everything works great!