Mairlist and webstation

Recently bought a D&R Webstation. Suits my needs perfectly. But also want it integrated with the Mairlist software offcourse. It plays well, that’s no problem.

But I also want the little buttons to work when I push them.
I have the Home Studio License and I found out that doesn’t support this type off mixer. I should get Mairlist advanced. But that costs a whopping 700 euro’s!!! Thats to much for my price range. Realy.

Is there no other way around this?

Hi @FotoJeroen,

for home user usage, please check following link:


And, if you own a Home Studio license already, there surely will be some way to crossgrade. Contact

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@Tondose is right. For your personal offer please send us a mail and we will reply with your individual price to crossgrade to mAirList Advanced (Home).

@NickTheRipper: Please keep in mind that @FotoJeroen already owns a license and must not not buy a new one. We offer crossgrades, which means that you can get a higher edition of mAirList by paying the difference price to your existing account (we take the price for the license paid to date into account).

@FotoJeroen would you please write your license number in your profile of this forum? It’s non-public, but we woul like to verify this number with your customer account. What you have filled in there at the moment is not your license number. :wink:
Thank you.

Best regards,
mairlist GmbH, support & sales assistance

Hi @UliNobbe,

i know thats possible to get a crossgrade.

The Link, what i posted describe this option.

Crossgrading to Higher Editions

We generally allow to crossgrade to a higher edition by paying the price difference.


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Thanks all for the replies.

I’m a bit sick at the moment so my replie wasn’t that quick. (No Corona)
@UliNobbe I filled in my serial-number in my profile.
@Tondose, thanks for your info. Did some digging and found it. Send a mail to sales this afternoon

Get well soon! :face_with_head_bandage:

Thank you - unfortunately, this is not a serial number I can verify with our customer area.
The serial has five digits and can be seen in the headline of the mAirList playout window (or when you click on “About”).

As I can see from your mail to sales (answer follows), it seems you have mixed up some terms.

All the best and get well soon.