Mairlist and Musicmaster

Hello everybody.
New to the maillist universe for a few days and already a lot of questions…

I would like to use musicmaster with maillist but the configuration files (file with the .def extension) cost a lot of money in addition to the monthly rental.

Is there anyone among this beautiful community who can provide them to me?

thank you very much for your help.

ps: this is google trad because my English is not good thank you for your understanding.

Do I understand you right: You want us to help you betraying Musicmaster company? If you like to use the said software, you might consider to pay for it or to look for alternatives.

By the way – did you put your mAirList serial number into your profile? (It can’t be seen by other users.)

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Are you aware that this is the official forum from the Developer of mAirlist?

You might be better asking this questions in “other” inofficial forums… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Thank you, he already did, but I was not as fast as you since we have very much to do in the support system (this is my lunch break!).

oh not far from my basic idea. there is no question here of betraying anyone but of providing me with files already created and functional with musicmaster. I do not use any pirate or other software in my station. it’s a matter of principle. It’s just me to keep the blows down for our local station. in fact I absolutely don’t want to pay again and again when the files have been created for a long time for someone else. here’s why. I’m afraid that the maillist minischeduler is not suitable for our station. thank you for your understanding (Google translation)

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everyone has the right to a break :wink: I did everything as recommended

Stefan, hello, yes I am aware of it but here I am talking about configuration file for maillist. I’m off to a good start on this forum and I have the impression that I’ve been misunderstood.

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From my perspective of doing professional support for radio stations let me say: It’s possible to do a lot of things with the music scheduler.

BUT it’s crucial to set up concrete virtual folders with your “Genres” or “Paces” to give mAirlist a possibility

for delivering well mixed hours/playlists, aside from excellent tagging of i.e. years of publishing, Tempo, Languages or other critical variables (like you would need to do in MM too, of course).

You can copy your elements to as many virtual folders as you like so mAirlist would grab the same song under different circuumstances. And you can filter every attribute later in the music block template (or hour template) too.

If you already have set this up in MusicMaster then it would be easier to stay with it. :wink:

Yes, seems like that :wink:

But you wrote

and this may have been the reason that made us sceptical :wink:

So no worries! :slight_smile:

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Please check with the MusicMaster support if the Nexus API (mmserver) is included in your license. Then you can sync through the API and don’t need any def files.


thank you very much for your understanding and my apologies. I’ll try to catch up. not using musicmaster is a plus for me. in fact no monthly payment etc… in our country there are quotas to respect. can mairlist take this problem into account?

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doctor thank you for your message. our license does not allow nexus. otherwise it’s extra money every month we recently resumed our broadcasts and we can’t take too much money…

Not directly. But it’d be possible to achive this by using music blocks with set genres that are non-repeatable and must not be shuffled so you always would get the mix you want.

Did you take a look here?

It was written for 6.3. There were added some great improvements in v7 in terms of restrictions and more specific shuffle rules for each individual virtual folder though.

thank you for your reply. it’s an interesting track. if I can only use maillist that would be great! I am going to test a lot of things in this beautiful software and I will come back to you when there are any questions. thank you very much for all these very quick responses THANKS !!!