Mairlist, Airlite and Stereo tool


We are currently doing FM time at radio. Now many people complain that our sound level is much more lower than other radio channels. I got help from a friend who told me to get stereo tool.
On my mac it works well, my pc… well it don´t work. I cant find same sound card which I m using for butt when i try to configure stereo tool input and outputs. Well, one guy told me to add it to mairlist. I did it and now crashes every 10 min. I took it away and now all working well

Anybody else having issues with this one? How to fix it? Did I spend my money for nothing :slight_smile:

Hi, did you use the DSP-Plugin instead of the generic stereo tool?

The DSP works fine and you can add it in the soundprocessing’s tab of your encoder…

BUT: Be sure that only the StereoTool with any random setup will not improve your sound - you really need to tweak it to your need. A Gold station needs different settings than aggressive CHR or HOT AC…

Your general sound level or too many parts with low levels (like intended by the artists ;-))

I went to Mairlist settings and there sound processing, I added Stereo tool…

Could you advice me how to set up DSP plugin?

Info: Contact / Solved via PN

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