Mairlist Ads

Hi. You can make Blocks 1 to 4. But how do I actually add ads to a block? I found out how to do it, but I forgot.

The number of available blocks can be adjusted in the Advertising Settings dialog (DB App -> Administration -> Advertising Settings).

I know that. But where can I actually add the commercials themself to a block? I saw a screen where you could load in a mAirlist playlist file to the block, but can’t find it back.

For the internal scheduler, edit the item in the Library, then go to the Scheduling -> Advertising tab and create a campaign.

For external schedulers, set up the import source in the Advertising Settings dialog.

Final step is to an “Advertising Block” item into the hour template.

Hnnn that’s exactly what I did. But when I add a commercial to a campagin and put it in a block, it still doesn’t show in the advertisement block in my Music Template. The counter sticks at 00:00. Could it be a bug or am I doing something wrong?

I could post some screenshots of my settings if you want.

Yes, please post screenshots.

Ooops! I chose the wrong day. Got it fully working now! Is there a way to give the Advertisement block a name, so it shows in Now Playing? :slight_smile:

You do that in the Advertising Settings.