mAirlist 7.x Home License 20968

I want to cancel my subscription and ask you to refund my payment on my Paypal account. The reason is that I first want to try the Trial before purchasing. Thank You

May be delicate. On the mAirList homepage I see a clause like:

Cancellations and Refunds

Please note that all sales are final, we do not accept any cancellations, or give refunds, for licenses purchased online (no EU right of withdrawel). Please use our trial downloads to check if the software suits your needs before buying a license.

There are no subscriptions, we only offer buyout licenses.

There are no refunds. We assume that everyone has tested the software thoroughly before purchasing it, given the availability of free 30-day trial licenses.

Can I write my respons in Dutch ?

I understand your respons. I want to hold the license, but I want to know if there is an resolution for my problem. When I enter a song in mAirlist I Receive a mention Bass Mixer Stream Create : unsupported sample format Bass error 6).

Your faithfully

I already answered two of your posts regarding your problem.

Got no response (or at least a „thank you“) from you. That’s not the way we can help you.

But maybe you don’t understand the difference between a support ticket system and this forum where unpaid volunteers responses to help you.

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I’m sorry I very apolosizeThat’s also not my way. Thank you for your respons. I try to understand it, but I speak Flemish (Dutch) from Belgium. In the audio routing I set all in WASAPI but when I go in Audio settings and I try to change the driver of my DJ console the system returns automaticlly to Realtek. In the audio configuration of my PC I change all to speakers and micro Pioneer DDJ-SX. But it don’t work… Sorry again.

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Ga alsjeblieft door met het bespreken van dit probleem in de daarvoor bestemde thread. Bedankt.

(Google translate)