mAirList 6.2 Closing randomly


I am facing an issue, causing my mAirList 6.2 to close randomly. It can be running several days, before it suddenly close the mAirList playout system completely, and I have to start it again.
I havent found any reason for why the SW just closes down.
I am running the latest build of mAirList 6.2 on Windows 10 with all updates.
I know for sure that my Norton internet Security solution do not like mAirList since it asks me to close mAirList (6.1) everytime Norton updates, but untill now I have done that manually, when I have time for it.
Can it be Norton that forces mAirlist 6.2 to close, when updating?
Any other that have seen this issue and have figured out a solution for it.

Regards. Martin Kierby.

Sounds like a good (or bad) reason, indeed.
Since I haven’t Norton running on my playout PC, I never had unexpected shutdowns of mAirList. No matter whether the PC was running 12 or 96 hours with mAirList.

Hi. I am facing the same issue. Soetimes I go to another room for a coffee, etc. and when I come back mAirlist had shut itself down with no reason. I have a licensed version of 6.2.7 build 4166 and run it on Windows 10. AVG is used as anti-virus program.

No message? Not even Windows’ “Application has stopped working”? Anything in Windows Event Log?

If mAirList’s internal error handling (madExcept) doesn’t even fire, it usually means that the application was killed from the “outside”. Which could also be a driver/DLL that is loaded from mAirList. We had a similar problem with RME ASIO drives a while ago.