mAirList 6.1.10 Build 3944 Closing without warning

Since I have updated to mAirList 6.1.10 I have experienced several times that it closes randomly and without warning. I am running nonstop in AUTO mode when it happens.

I have never seen this issue before i updated to 6.1.10. If it is a problem im mAirList or my Windows 10 installation, i do not know.

I hope that someone knows about it and have a solution to fix thesse problems.

Regards. Martin Kierby.

What was your previous version, do you remember?

I think it was 6.1.9

Can I easily downgrade to 6.1.9 again to check if that solves the problem?

Sure, just install on top.

Thanks, I will check if that works.

Hi Again,

I succeded with the downgrade and mAirList was running agout 24h before it was crashing/closing Again without warning! Do I have any chance to find out what is caising this? It seems like it was not the upgrade to 6.1.10. What can it then be?

I have recently upgraded to a the newest version of the Stereo Tool plugin. Can it be that? (the version that is linked to on the support page)

Yes, definitely. Stereo Tool is a DLL, so it is running as part of the mAirList.exe process, and technically it would be able to crash in a way that would kill the entire process.

So please downgrade ST as well if you can still find the old version.

By the way, is it the standalone or the Winamp version?

I have just copyed the DLL file into the specified folder, as described on the Wiki page, shown below.

The reason for updating is that I discovered that Stereo Tool started to announce, by a voice in the broadcasted audio Stream that the audio is processed by Stereo Tool and you shall visit
I have yesterday realised that the new version do the same. Is that normal?

The file must be copied into the plugins folder inside the mAirList program directory, e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\mAirList 6.0\plugins for mAirList 6.0.

Once you have done so, you restart mAirList and add Stereo Tool into any DSP chain by clicking Add → Stereo Tool in the DSP configuration.

Do mAirList use a 32 or 64 bit version of Stereotool?

Yes it is, if you are using a function you did not pay for.
Some are totally free some need to be paid. There are several different sized packages, you can choose from.

mAirlist ist a 32Bit Application so the 32bit Version of Stereotool should be the right choice.

Generally, the Winamp DSP plugin seems to work better than the Generic DLL for most people.

Ok, thanks.

I will try to downgrade to the older version of Stereo Tool.

I have been looking around on the page and It seems to me like this plugin is free, but I might have misset something.

I will try the winamp pluginn. Thanks.

On the Wiki page I understand that the generic DLL is the recommended solution for 6.x.

If you recommend the winamp plugin, I will try that.

Generally, the Generic DLL is a good idea because it doesn’t require any additional wrappers in between.

But we have received reports about strange problems with it, so stick with the Winamp version for the moment please. I will try to sort the issues out with Hans.

I will see if that solves the problem.

I have replaced the Generic DLL with the Winamp DSP Plugin, and it have succesfully been running without crashing sinde Friday. Yesterday I updated to 6.1.10 Again, and it also seems to be running stable.

Thanks for the support.

Thanks for the feedback. I will discuss the issue with Hans.

It is sill running without crashing. I think my problem is solved by using the Winamp DSP Plugin.

Thanks for the Support.